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About Us

Welcome to Texas Angels Home Care, your premier provider of in-home senior care services in Fort Worth, TX. Since our inception in 2012, we've been a family-owned and operated agency that offers more than care — we offer a commitment to enhance every aspect of our clients' lives.

Our Humble Beginnings

Taking roots in the shared experiences of our founders — Julie Woodside, Diane Oliver, and Todd Reeb — Texas Angels Home Care was born from a deep understanding of the meaningful impact of in-home care. This trio of expertise brings efficiency, compassion, and over 35 years of combined nursing experience to lead a care team unmatched in its dedication to ensuring seniors can live comfortably and independently in their homes.


Our Caregivers, Your Angels

At the core of Texas Angels are our caregivers, known as Angels, for their exceptional care and genuine compassion. These professionals are more than just employees; they're the heart of our service, deeply committed to providing the best possible quality of life for those in their care. From rigorous background checks to continuous learning, our caregivers are selected for their expertise and passion. With Texas Angels, your caregiving experience will always be rooted in trust, excellence, and heartfelt care.

Our Philosophy:


Our approach to care goes beyond the basics. We embrace a holistic philosophy, ensuring that our clients' physical, emotional, and social needs are met. By recognizing and respecting each client's past and present, our care plans are crafted to elevate their well-being. The strength of the bonds between our caregivers and clients is a testament to the trust and efficacy of our care. We aim to sustain our clients' independence, purpose, and passions through personalized attention and a nurturing environment.

Aligned with
Fort Worth's Spirit

Our services are tailored to the spirit of Fort Worth, echoing the values and expectations of our community. We take pride in our reputation and the trust placed in us by families across the city. Together, we strive to ensure that seniors receive the respect, dignity, and care they deserve in their homes.

"I never have to worry whether her caregiver will show up, nor

do I have to worry whether she

is being cared for properly."



Learn about our journey, experience our care, and join the family of satisfied clients who have chosen Texas Angels Home Care. If you're ready to elevate the home care experience for your loved one, we invite you to reach out to us. Let's discuss how our tailored care plans can bring fulfilled living, security, and joy to the comfort of your home.


Schedule your Free In-Home Assessment today and take the first step towards reliable, compassionate home care in Fort Worth, TX. Our knowledgeable team is eager to support your family with the quality care you've been seeking — as only Texas Angels can provide.

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